Sunday, 4 January 2015

Glamorising Eating Disorders

Why are eating disorders glamorised? 
Do people notice that they are being glamorised or do they just turn away and act like it's not going on? Is it just me that thinks they are being glamorised? 
Eating disorders are shown as pictures all over social media, mainly over Instagram and tumblr, but they are still everywhere, they only show the 'beautiful' side of them, they make it sound so easy. 
I think they do this to get the attention of younger people. Why don't they show the medical side of them? The mental and the physical harm and pain, all they show is nice thin girls that look like models, most of them are probably airbrushed and edited anyway. 
They don't show how easily the people suffering with an eating disorder really are, how tired they get, how sad and lonely they feel. They don't mention how they have to lie to everyone they care about and how when they get to their goal weight, they make another one, a lower one. Each time they achieve their goal weight they just feel as if they can get lower.
Everywhere you look there are all these diets and low sugar and low everything being advertised, the models in magazines and the mannequins in shops are shown to be skinny. Dress sizes are having the clothes made smaller and being sold sat the same size when the clothes have been made smaller which makes people think that they have gained weight and  that makes some people diet or buy weight loss pills.
All of these pills and weight loss miracles are being advertised but how many actually work in a healthy way, or at all? 
Is it just another way to earn money because people want them to work so they eat less and do more exercise then claim that the pills really work? Or do they actually work?
Eating disorders are claimed to be a "lifestyle not an illness" but how true is that? 
We need food to survive, it's not healthy to have such a low calorie intake.
Are people who deliberately make themselves skinny just like people who  deliberately eat a lot and gain weight or is it more than that?
I think that it is an illness but at the same time I think that eating lots of unhealthy food is also an illness. 
Why is the media supporting eating disorders instead of offering support to the people who suffer from them? 
Why are they encouraging teenagers to  lead unhealthy lifestyles just to be skinny?  I think that as long as the calorie intake and diet is healthy then it doesn't matter what size someone is.

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