Friday, 2 January 2015

High School

High School

Everyone always says how high school is "the best days of your life" and "you'll miss it one day!" but is that really true? Do people just say that because they were so used to school because they started when they were young and finished when they were pretty much an adult. In the build up to leaving school (which I am currently in), the only thing we have ever known is school, when we were below the age of 4/5 (primary school starting age) we are preparing for primary school and then middle school then high school and in some cases sixth form or college. People love the idea of education and having an "easy" time without having to think about financial things but I think that they have actually forgotten what it's really like, although, I may not be right because I haven't experienced it yet. They forget how boring sat in a classroom is, listening to a teacher with a dull voice, trying not to fall asleep. They forget how they had to try to fit in and how every small thing seemed really important to students. They forget how it felt when they fell out with the few friends that they had and they suddenly began to tag along with someone that they didn't really know. I guess, compared to the real world that is easy but when you are a teenager, everything is a big deal and we haven't experienced adulthood so we don't know what it is like and we can't compare. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a hard time at school, I have a great group of friends, I get on with a lot of people but I just don't like the lessons and how a group of individuals are taught and tested in the same way. I love education but hate school. School is bearable and it's never as bad as I believe it to be and the way I get myself worked up about it but I would prefer not to go to school. 
I don't like how we are encouraged to be individual but we aren't allowed visible piercings, unnatural coloured hair and certain hairstyles.
If we were treated better and given more freedom then I think that I would enjoy it more. I feel like if one student has annoyed a teacher, some of them will take it out on their class which is fine once in a while but when it is on a daily basis it isn't fair. 
Another example of some teachers thinking of us as a group instead of as a group of individuals (if you see what I mean) is when a few people go to the toilet and then someone asks if they can go and the teacher replies with something along the lines of "Too many people have gone already, can't you just wait" and it's as if they think we are all connected and if one person goes for a wee then everyone's bladders are emptied! 

Of course, there are good things about school as well, like learning about new things and qualifications and making friends and... Well, just those then. 
This is just my opinion, obviously there will be people who disagree and that's perfectly fine because everyone feels differently about things and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, 

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