Saturday, 24 January 2015

Shopping addiction or just buying things I want?

I always get told that I have a "shopping addiction" but is it really a shopping addiction or do I just buy things that I want and I happen to want a lot?

I have a job which, to some people, may seem unusual at my age (15) but I really enjoy it and it gives me a lot of freedom and independence but I do feel as if I spend too much and should save more but I can't seem to resist. I think that might be because I have the money and I like to treat myself.

I Googled shopping addiction and this was the definition that came up at the top of search results:

"Shopping addiction is the compulsion to spend money, regardless of need or financial means. The addict may be addicted to a certain product, such as clothes or jewelry, but he or she may also buy anything from food and beauty products to stocks or real estate" 

I don't think that I am addicted to buying things but I do buy things that I want and usually, I do regret them. I want to save more money.
I am still very interested in seeing if I do have a shopping addiction because I was told that I seem to use buying things when I am dealing with emotions and I replace self harm with buying things, which in some ways seems better, although, I don't want it to get out of control and I begin spending money that I do not have. I have a lot of things to save for but I really can't resist but if I really tried then I would be able to, I saved up for my iPhone 4S in a month which proves that I can save for big things that I really want BUT I was saving to buy something whereas I need to save to not spend until I start driving lessons and what not.

I went onto Health Central and took a shopping addiction test... (
I answered the questions 100% honestly and this was what the results were...

"You scored 10 (scoring range: 0-15)You definitely have an addiction to shopping.See my article on shopping addiction for ways to combat your spending impulses. It may be wise to enlist help from a friend or loved one, or even therapist to help you regain some control over your spending."

I don't know how accurate the quiz was but they seem to think that I have a shopping addiction. 
Does anyone else feel the need to buy things?

I think that labels are put onto too many things which is why people think that they have all of these addictions and disorders when in reality, it is just who they are and they have spoken to all these people who have give them medical explanations for everything that they do and how they feel. 

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