Sunday, 11 January 2015

What is happiness?

What is happiness?

I personally question myself about what happiness really is a lot. How can you describe happiness to someone when you have no idea what it is and what it feels like? I think that this is because there are so many types of happiness and people have personal perceptions of happiness and what makes them happy. 
I believe that happiness is a choice, if you choose happiness, happiness will choose you. I think that happiness is not a destination but it is the journey. I think that happiness can come from the smallest things, like when people that you don't know you, smile at you as you walk past or when you help someone with something. That is happiness, to me. 
Happiness comes in all sorts of forms, I find happiness in the small things as well as the good things. 
No one really knows what happiness is to someone else but I know that to me, happiness is spending time with friends and family, that makes me really happy. 
I find happiness in many things: 
  • Spending time with friends and family 
  • Doing something nice for someone
  • Helping people
  • Writing blog posts and seeing the views grow 
  • Knowing that people care
  • When people tell me/show me that they appreciate me 
  • Good grades 
  • Knowing that I've achieved something 
  • When strangers smile at me 
  • When I do something well 
  • Sleeping when I'm really tired 
  • Long walks with people I get along with well
  • Pretty sights 
  • Knowing I've done something worthwhile with my life 
  • Seeing people grow and develop as a person 
Those are just a few things that make me feel genuinely happy. People may disagree and have other things that make them happy but that is what I find happiness in. 

Happiness is an emotion but if you choose to be happy and make yourself happy by doing things that you love then you will feel happy. Some people will disagree with this but it is my opinion. Obviously, it goes without saying that people that suffer from mental illnesses will not be able to choose happiness easily but that is down to their illness, not to them as a person. Some people with mental illnesses will be able to choose happiness but that is because they are an individual and everyone is different and have different reasons for doing things. 

Some people are so obsessed with the idea of being happy that they are so focused on making everything perfect and obsessing over the idea of happiness instead of trying to focus on making their life the way that they want it. I believe that there is a difference between choosing happiness and being obsessed with the idea of happiness. 

What is happiness to you?

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