Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My tongue piercing experience

I got my tongue pierced on Friday 13th February 2015. I went to Pin Up Girls Piercing Boutique (http://pinupgirlspiercingboutique.co.uk/) and I love it there, Emma is so lovely and welcoming but this isn't about the piercing studio, it's about my tongue piercing.

Day One 

Friday 13th February 2015- I went and got my tongue pierced and when I got in there, I was talked through the procedure and my Daddy signed the permission slip because I am 15 and I signed it as well, Emma (the piercer) was a bit hesitant to pierce my tongue because it is a "big piercing" and I was young but we explained that it was my 16th birthday in about a week and we wanted the swelling to go down before I go back to school and she agreed and went and set up while me and Daddy looked at the body jewellery, clothes and shoes. When I got in there, we talked about the piercing and looking after it and then I mentioned that I am tongue tied and we had to check it out to see if I could get my tongue pierced because it is quite bad but I managed to stick my tongue out far enough and Emma said it should be okay so she drew a line down the center of my tongue to indicate where it would be pierced and I looked at it and agreed. Emma then numbed my tongue and I had to hold the numbing spray in my mouth so that it soaked into my tongue to relieve as much pain as possible, it didn't taste too nice but it was bearable and well worth it. My lips went a little bit numb because it was dribbling out but I had to be careful not to swallow it. Emma put the clamp on and I was struggling to hold my tongue out because of my tongue tie and I moved it so she had to re-clamp my tongue and Daddy held my hand (I wasn't scared or worried at all but it was nice) and Emma pushed the needle through, she did it slower than usual because of my tongue tie, she had to be careful. I could feel it going through but it didn't hurt at all, I didn't even flinch. Emma then put the bar in and tightened the ball and I looked in the mirror and I immediately loved it! Just before we left, Emma tightened the ball again and asked if I felt faint or anything and told me that I was really good, one of the best with dealing with it because I didn't flinch at all and didn't get scared. 
Daddy went and paid and I couldn't thank Emma enough because I loved it so much, I was given a sheet explaining how to look after my piercing properly which can be found on Pin Up Girls Piercing Boutique website (http://pinupgirlspiercingboutique.co.uk/). 
Daddy drove me home and as soon as I got home I took Ibuprofen which I think really helped and I took that every 4 hours apart from during the night because I forgot. I had soup and ice cream for the rest of the evening. My tongue didn't swell that much, my speech was the same and the bar wasn't annoying at all. 

Day Two

Saturday 14th February 2015- I woke up with my tongue being a little more swollen than the day before but it really wasn't bad, I took Ibuprofen and drank lots of water through out the day. I had soup for lunch because I didn't want to eat solids incase it hurt. In the afternoon, I ate a few starbursts and that was fine. I was cleaning my teeth after eating and mouthwashing regularly, I used salt water solution twice a day. I had takeaway pizza for dinner and I ate that with no problems at all, I kept taking Ibuprofen during the day, every 4 hours. The swelling and pain wasn't bad at all which I was surprised about. I ate ice cream during the day and chocolate fudge cake milkshake to reduce the swelling. I drank only water. 

Day Three

Sunday 15th February 2015- I woke up with what seemed like lumps around my bar ball and I knew that it was a scab but it looked different because it was on my tongue but I had a google just in case because better safe than sorry. I was eating solid food all day today but I carried on drinking water, I stopped taking Ibuprofen today so I had ice in my water to ensure that my tongue didn't swell. The swelling was a little bit worse than day two but it wasn't bad at all and I could still talk and eat and it didn't hurt at all. I was advised to rest for the first 3 days and not talk so much but on all 3 days I was with friends and didn't give my tongue a break at all but I looked after it and kept it clean so it doesn't hurt. 

Day Four 

Monday 16th February 2015- I woke up and my swelling had gone down a little bit but the bottom bar had been rubbing on the bottom of my mouth during the night which didn't make it hurt but it felt itchy, which was weird. I was still eating solid food and even managed Nachos with my dinner which was good. I drank one glass of squash and stuck to water other than that. By the evening, I noticed that the swelling had gone down quite a bit because I could see more of the actual bar which was nice to know because I am looking forward to downsizing. I went flyer dropping this morning and I could hardly notice that it was there, I had no pain at all. I ate 6 squares of chocolate at work this afternoon which seemed to make my tongue feel a bit funny (might of just been coincidence but I have trouble with eating dairy because it makes me unwell) so I drank 500ml of water over about an hour and it seemed to ease the pain. So far, it was least painful on day one and day four but the days inbetween weren't very painful. I continued with brushing my teeth after eating and using mouthwash, I also have been using salt solution in the morning and evening everyday since I had it pierced. 

Day Eight 

Saturday 21st February 2015- I haven't written since day four because there was nothing much, it was just back to normal after day four and on the 20th February, it had been a week since I had my tongue pierced so, on the 21st I decided to go and get the bar downsized to 16mm, Emma from Pin Ups said that I had looked after it really well which was quite rare for people as young as me! She told me to go back in 2 weeks to get another downsize to prevent the bar chipping my teeth. The bar change didn't hurt but my tongue was a teeny tiny bit swollen after it had been changed but that is normal (I think) because it was being touched when it wasn't fully healed. 

Overall, my tongue piercing experience was really good and I haven't had any problems so far, it was pretty much pain-free and the place that I got it pierced was really good, helpful and informative :) 

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