Friday, 24 April 2015


Revision is a big part of most year 11s life as the exam season quickly approaches and I know that I struggle a lot with revision and staying focussed because I am easily distracted and forgetful. I also give up when I can't do something but recently I've been trying really hard with revision because I know that it is only for less than 2 months now and I'll probably never have to do it because it is my final year in school and I'm not going to Sixth Form and I have no plans to go to University. I feel like the hours of work will pay off and the chances are, it won't be as bad as I think and it will soon pass, it will fly by and I'll be in the "real world."

Staying motivated and focussed is hard for me because when I can't do something I get frustrated/upset and give up but I have been trying really hard not to because I now know how important GCSE exam results are.
Here are some revision tips that I have found helpful:

  • Taking short breaks regularly (every hour or so) 
  • Sitting at a table and not sitting in bed
  • Find a quiet space so that you can concentrate 
  • Don't stress and over-think exams too much (but at the same time realize how important they are)
  • Don't leave it until the night before! 

Thank you for reading! 
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