Friday, 29 May 2015


Hello Everyone!

Sorry that I haven't posted for ages, I've been so busy with revision and going away, in 2 weeks all of my exams will be over so I will have a lot more time to post and hopefully I will be doing more so I will have lots more to talk about (although, I do have a lot of ideas of blog posts but I have so much to do at the moment!)

I went to London from Sunday 24th May to Thursday 29th May (we were meant to come back Wednesday but booked an extra night).

I've wanted to do one of those travel posts with cool pictures and experiences to talk about for ages but because of personal circumstances myself and my family cannot leave the country, so I thought that I wouldn't be able to make one of those posts until I went on holiday myself BUT three weeks ago we booked to go to London for a few nights as it's in the UK and we loved it when we went up for day trips.

I was really excited but very anxious because I know what my anxiety was like when we went on day trips (especially on the Underground) but I knew that I would have to put up with and try to calm myself down so that it did not ruin my holiday and I think I did well.

A lot was going on when we were there, even though in London there is a lot happening all the time. We witnessed the Black Cab strikes where the parked and didn't move, it shut down most of London and we drove past a lot of them when they were parked. We were also there when the Queen was at the state opening of Parliament.

To get from the Isle of Wight, we got the boat then we got the train and then we got a taxi from Waterloo Station to the hotel (Premier Inn, Kensington, Earl's Court)

On the first full day we were there my mum and brother went to the Chelsea Victory Parade whilst I stayed at the hotel and did maths revision (fun -.-) then in the afternoon we went to the aquarium which was really good. We had fast track tickets so we didn't have to queue for too long which was really good. I took so many pictures and I had to pick a few to upload so these are my favourites...

 The jellyfish pictures are my favourite!

We also walked along and saw the Houses of Parliament...

This one is my favourite! ^

On the second day, I went to oxford street shopping in the morning, I didn't have much time so I went into Primark, H&M, New Look, Boots and Lush and had a look in a few other shops but didn't buy anything. I spent most of my money...oops. While I was shopping my Mum and Brother went to Stamford Bridge (Chelsea Football Stadium) but I would prefer to go shopping, so I did.
In the afternoon we went on a London Duck Tour which is a bus that goes around central London, we were on this during the black cab strike so we got longer on there than we thought. At the end, the Duck goes into the River Thames and turns into a boat (it's in Nativity film) We saw MI5 & MI6 which was really cool. Our tour guide was so lovely! We were on Mistress Quickly and our tour guide was explaining that Mistress Quickly was a prototype. The Ducks were used on the D Day Battle. If you're ever in London, I highly recommend going on a London Duck Tour as it was amazing, so good that we actually went back the next day for another one!

On the last day, we went on the London Eye and did another London Duck Tour which was really fun!

And then on Thursday, we travelled home!

Here are a few extra pictures that I wanted to include-

I had an amazing time and we are already planning another trip!

Thank you so much for reading this, speak soon.

Kea x
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