Thursday, 11 June 2015

Father's Day gift guide

With Father's Day fast approaching in the UK (Sunday 21st June), it can be hard to find a good gift for your dad (or father figure) so I thought I would post about what I got for my Dad.

I find it hard to find really good gifts for people and it really irritates me so I always put a lot of effort into gifts. Also, some of the gifts that I got for my Dad might not fit your budget (most of them should though)

I got him a D-Struct black American Dream t shirt which was £4.99 plus postage. You will probably notice a theme with skulls throughout this post.

I wanted to buy my Dad a new aftershave because I got him one for Christmas and he really liked the scent that I chose for him so I wanted to get him a new one. I went with the Ted Baker Man Eau De Toilette 75ml which was £20 from Superdrug (with free postage as I spent over £10) 
I was disappointed with the packing of the parcel from Superdrug though as there was no padding and the box (of the actual aftershave) was slightly damaged but it wasn't a big problem and Superdrug are usually quite good at packing things.

I also got Dad a cute little notebook from The Works which was £1.99 and I really like it!

Whilst I was on The Works website, I got a Farmers Market grow your own chillies kit which was £2.00 (it was half price, the price has now gone up again)
I then went on to eBay to find a few little sentimental bits and I came across these which are perfect for my Dad... Skull Guitar Plectrums! They were super cheap so I was really happy. They were only £2.25 

Then I went onto find this really cute keyring... It was £1.84 (including postage) so I was really happy with this because it's just something small that he can have forever.
When I was at my local scout fundraising event, I was looking around the stalls and I came across this glass penguin with two small penguins inside it and immediately thought of Dad and his girlfriend so I had to get it for him, this was 50p. 

And last but definitely not least, my favourite present out of all of them, a photo album from 
I bought the medium landscape photo book which is 20cm x 15cm and is £15.95 for the standard. You can add a photo to the cover for extra but I didn't. The postage is also £3.95 on top of the £15.95. 

(The pictures of the photo album does not include the pictures that are in it but they have an editor that you can add the pictures and what not) 

Thank you for reading everyone! 

Until next time, 
Kea x
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