Monday, 8 June 2015

Update: Study leave, last few exams and future plans

Hello Everyone!

I'm just writing a quick post, more of an update than a post though.

I'm now on study leave and I've only had one day of it but I love it already, it is so nice to be able to relax and have more time to myself, I went into school for my maths exam this morning and then me and Chloe went to do a little bit of retail therapy which was really nice, although my legs really ache now. I had a little spending spree and brought a dress and a top (oops). I also got a new highlighter/luminizer which I'm really excited to use.

I'm down to my last few exams, I only have Chemistry, Physics, History and Psychology left now which is kind of scary but a relief, I've spent a long time cramming a ton of revision into my schedule and it will be such a relief to stop that once exams are over but I know that I will be anxiously waiting for results day.

I also need to sort out the apprenticeship that I am planning on doing in September which is in Health and Social Care which I think I will really enjoy and I'm super excited to start that.

Now that I am on Study Leave I plan to start doing the workout DVD that I brought a little while ago and I'm hoping that I can stick with it and I want to eat healthier as well which I have started to do recently and it's making me feel a lot better.

My plans for the long term future are vague, I have no idea what I plan to do but I have the next few years planned (at the moment). I plan to do the Health and Social Care apprenticeship up until a level 5 diploma and then (hopefully) begin my career in that area).

Sorry that this post has been a bit all over the place and jumping from one thing to another. I'm really tired, I'm normally asleep 5 hours ago and I can barely keep my eyes open!

Speak soon!
Kea x
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