Monday, 29 June 2015

What they never told us about high school

The truth about high school...

I was thinking, maybe the problem with our generation is that we are not warned about high school, we are never prepared for it. Maybe they never warned us because they were embarrassed? Or because everyone has a different experience but I know what mine was like and I'm going to be honest.

High school seems to be a mixture of getting so high that you couldn't speak and drinking so much that you have no idea what you did or how you go home, ending up wasted in the middle of the bathroom floor at 3:45am and wondering if this is what growing up is really like. Wondering if this is the grown up life that most 13 year olds (including me) craved. Getting attached to people you had no idea that you would ever talk to in your life, telling them your life story and watching them walk away. Making friends with people who will lead you to make bad choices and to experience things. Holding your friends hair back and watching them throw up from all the alcohol they drank and the drugs they took to try to forget. Reassuring your friends that they aren't going to die whilst trying to comfort them and find out what they took and how much, or being that person. Lying to people to protect the ones that you love, trying your first cigarette, having your heart smashed to pieces, maybe even a few times. Procrastinating every single assignment, getting less sleep every night. Skipping class, passing out and fucking up worse than you ever thought you could. The worst thing though, was realising just how important school and GCSE's are when you are in your final year when exams were fast approaching.

But from all of these experiences, the best lesson that I personally learnt was that you have to value everything that you have in your life right now because we take a lot of people and things for granted and become selfish and lose yourself. You learn from your mistakes and grow from them and instead of regretting, stop over thinking why people leave or why you fuck up when you do because it's high school and no one really knows that they are doing at this age. We're supposed to be learning from these experiences, not having everything figured out at this point is normal. The truth is, no one can warn you about high school or tell you what to expect because you learn from your mistakes and find out as you go. You grow up, sometimes experiencing things is the best way.

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