Thursday, 2 July 2015

5 Questions...

1. Do you think that parents nowadays are more tolerant than in the recent past? Why?

Yes, parents put up with more because it is what the other parents do. Also, because some people are more honest with their parents than in the recent past which creates more trust (from my experience)
and a lot of parents know that they can't really stop their children from doing anything because if they are desperate to do it then they will and isn't it better to be aware of it than to be oblivious and then if something happens be completely shocked and not be able to help if the young person has done something that puts them in danger when they are not at home. I know that if it was my child then I would want to know what they were doing and give them advice on it and educate them but know what they were doing and have them know that no matter what happens I will always love and help them. Also, parents seem to have learnt that being strict will usually only create sneaky young people who lie to them and do it anyway. 

2. Kids today are given cell phones, unrestricted access to the internet, diverse videogame consoles, etc. At what age you think is pertinent to present a child to this technological aspect of modern human life? Is there a different time for each tech? Should they be educated thoroughly before giving them the tech or let them find out by themselves? Why?

It should be introduced from primary school age because then they can learn about it as well as using it at school but I believe that there should be more internet safety classes and children should be more education before giving them technology because it could lead to damage being done or they could do something by accident that they shouldn't do. It should be supervised at a younger age and then slowly giving them more freedom. 

3. What do you think should be the proper punishment for an angered child who tries to hit a parent?

After letting the child calm down, the child should be spoken to about what made them do it and how they felt, then the damage should be explained to them by getting them to screw up a piece of paper and stamp all over it and rip it a bit and then tell them to apologise to it so that they understand that the damage cannot be undone just because they have apologised (if they are young and do not understand.) The child should have to apologise to the parent and tell them what they are sorry for and then they should lose something (a toy, minutes off their TV/reading time) and then they should be told why it is wrong and not allowed. Children just need to be listened to and that's what I would do because obviously, someone isn't listening to that child and that is why they are doing it because of the built up anger and frustration. 

4. The child does not want to cooperate with the teacher and does not want to make his work in the classroom. What do you do?

Sit down and talk to the child about why they don't want to do it and support them with what they say and offer solutions to that child after explaining that the work is mandatory and they need to do it one way or another (depending on the reason that they won't do it.) 

5. Would you be the kind of parent that protects the child from getting dirty, play with animals and playing wrestling with friends or would you be the type of parent that don't shy the kid away from the experience?

No, of course not, as long as it is safe and they aren't in any danger or putting anyone else in danger. I wouldn't stop them, it's all part of growing up and they would just be on the sidelines throughout life if that happened which wouldn't be fair on the child because the parent is too protective of their child. 
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