Wednesday, 8 July 2015

A guide to dealing with 'down days'

Everyone has days where they feel down, some people may have more than others but I thought I would tell you all about what I like to do when I feel down which makes me feel a little bit better.

Writing a blog post

When I'm feeling down I like to write a blog post because as I see the views increasing it makes me feel a bit better because I realise that people are listening to and enjoying what I have to say.

Having a bath 

I don't have a bath at my house so when I feel down when I'm somewhere that has a bath, I like to have a bath with a nice bath bomb and bubble bath, it makes me relax and feel better.

Burning candles 

I like to burn candles when I'm feeling down, I don't know why. I think that it is because the scent makes me feel better and something about a dark room with a few candles is really calming.

Reading a good book 

I like to read a good book because it takes my mind off of things and allows me to escape for a little while, I like to do this with candles burning.

Talk to someone 

I don't always want to do this, however, when I do, I feel better.

Online shopping 

When I'm down, I don't like to go out or do much so I like online shopping because I get to order nice things and look forward to them, HOWEVER, I know that I shouldn't turn to shopping when feeling down because it can become a habit/addiction (sort of like self harm) and it can get out of control but once in a while is nice.

Taking a nap 

I like to take a nap because I get to recharge and take my mind off of everything.

Staying in bed and watching films/tv shows 

I love to stay in bed on down days and watch happy films (A long way down, letters to juliet, bridesmaids, grease etc) and tv shows (personal favourites at the moment are Gossip Girl and Dawsons Creek).


Baking always makes me feel better, even though I don't eat cakes or anything so I just make them for my Mum and Brother.


Crying makes me feel a little bit better, usually. 

Not taking days off 

I used to have really down and horrible days when I was in High School and I would take days off because I would be so depressed/anxious and I don't think that it was necessary every time because at school I could take my mind off of things but on the really bad days, it is understandable.

Go for a walk 

Fresh air is a really good way to clear your head, especially if it is a nice day. 

Thank you for reading! I hope you will find some of these helpful!

Lots of Love,
Kea xoxo
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