Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites!

Hello, everyone!

I'm writing this on the 27th June but it's scheduled to upload on the 1st July. I haven't posted in a while, I've been super busy.

As some of you know, I wanted to do an apprenticeship in Health and Social Care and I had an interview at a private care home! I start on Wednesday 1st July. I have to be there at 7am which means leaving my house at 6am to walk there but that isn't a problem at all, I'm a morning person.
I'm so excited to start and I hope that I like it there, although, it means that there may not be so many blog posts, not that there are many usually.

So, this is my June favourites, I had so many but I've managed to cut them down to my most favourite which was surprisingly hard.

Okay, so I splashed a lot of cash this month (more than usual, which is hard to beat!) and got a few phone which has become one of my favourites of June, I got the iPhone 5s in Gold, I got it secondhand from eBay and the first one was awful but the replacement that they sent is perfect and I love it very muchly! The picture isn't from the seller that I got mine from but I was too lazy to find the same seller (sorry)

The next thing on my favourites is  case. I wanted a case that showed that the phone was gold but also protects it, I didn't want a clear case because, well, I don't know, I just didn't which is why I got this one because it shows that the phone is gold and I love it!

Cosmetics/Health and Beauty 

So these few items are my favourite beauty items, beauty items and health items. 

I have been on a detox/weight loss journey this month so I have been drinking detox water and if I'm honest, I really love it! It also looks so pretty which is such a bonus! 

Still on the weight loss theme, I have been loving the Jennifer Ellison Fat Blaster workout DVD that I picked up from eBay for just £1.88! 

Again, sticking with the healthy theme, I have been loving salads, I usually have salad but I've been adding new things to them this month and I've been having a salad every day for lunch and for dinner most days as well! 

I always carry hand sanitizer because it's really handy and I needed to pick up a new one and I came across these really cool ones, bubblegum and strawberry laces scented by carex (brought from superdrug) and I loved them immediately! 

Whilst I was in superdrug doing a big (bigger than I intended) shop, I came across this Imperial Leather Foam Burst in Vanilla and Cherry Blossom and I really wanted to try it so I put it into the basket and I've been using it every day since (although, I find it hard to choose between this and my soap and glory one so I've actually been using both which I need to not do because they won't last long!)

Then I was having a stroll around the make up brushes and found this make up brush cleaner which was about £2.99 (I think, it may have been on offer) and I thought I would try it as the MAC one is quite pricey that I usually get and I love it! 

Also in Superdrug (are you noticing that I get carried away when going in there?) I picked up a few bits from the make up stands that they have. I got the Max Factor FaceFinity (repurchase) and I've been loving it, definately my favourite drugstore/high street foundation! It has really high coverage which I was surprised by because of how light it was. It matches my skin tone (just!) and I have nothing bad to say about this. It was around £13. 

I also picked up the Collection Bronzer and the Maybelline Matte Powder which has become my new favourite pressed powder and these two items will probably be repurchased when I do drugstore shopping. 

Another thing that I have been loving is the Argan Oil night repair face serum which helps repair and hydrate skin and it has worked miracles on my skin! And it was only £1 from Poundland! 

Also, whilst I was in Poundland I picked up some cleansing pore strips for my nose because I really like using these! 

I have been loving the Primark Polka Eau De Toilette which I actually brought in London in May but I've only started using it this month (it still counts okay.) It smells gorgeous (kind of resembles Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream) and lasts a long time. I am planning to repurchase this when I next go to London (if Primark still have it.) It was £6. Also, sorry for the blurry picture, I've only just noticed. 

 Other things that all fall into different categories but there isn't enough items for them to all have their own categories...

I have been loving the Salted Caramel Yankee Candle this month, I got this from Clinton Cards (because the Isle of Wight lacks a Yankee Candle shop, as well as Primark and lots of other essential shops) and it was £1.80 and I love it so much.

I have rewatched all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl and I have fallen in love with it again and I am so sad that I have finished it, there needs to be a new season!!

And the last thing that I have been loving is my notebook. It says on the front "Cinderella....Proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life." and I love it, it has been so handy, I've used lots of pages! This was from The Works and was about £2.99. It is so cute, I've had many people tell me how cute it is!

Thank you so much for reading this and I have lots of ideas for future posts! I hope you enjoyed the post.

Speak soon!

Until then,

Kea x
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