Friday, 3 July 2015

Things that I have learnt from living with Anxiety

Things that I have learnt from living with Anxiety...

So today, I have been thinking about my anxiety a lot and I wanted to make a post about the things that I have learnt from living with anxiety and dealing with it on a daily basis.

Please remember that every case of anxiety is different so my experiences may be different to yours or to people that you know.

I have no problem telling people how I feel and confronting people and being honest but the smallest tasks get in the way. I hate confrontation but I argue with people. I don't like it when other people are being confrontational with each other but when I am arguing with someone it doesn't bother me at all.

  • The smallest things can have the biggest effect on you. 
    I learnt this the hard way because I refused to admit that something was wrong, for years I managed to convince myself that it was normal and everyone felt that way. A lot of people DO feel that way but not to the extent that I was feeling it. The smallest things worried me the most like being on time and pressing the button at my stop to get off the bus.
  • If I feel the need to do something, do it. 
    This was very important because for a long time I stopped myself from checking, double checking, triple checking everything but when I let myself do it, it gave me comfort and allowed me to carry on with my day without having an anxiety attack because I was free to check things as often as I like.
  • Other people go through it too.
    Other people picked up on my little routines before doing something and told me that they did the same/similar which gave me comfort because I wasn't the only one and during a bad time, that was a very important thing to know.
  • Anxiety doesn't define you. 
    This is a very important lesson but also one of the hardest, for me, to learn. I was constantly getting anxious about my anxiety and how people would react and how I act that it began to take over my life and for a while I just gave up and let my anxiety define me, until I realised that I was so much more than it.
  • Relaxation IS important. 
    Deep breaths, sitting down, listening to music, reading and writing really helped me to deal with anxiety and remove myself from the situation so that I could relax and recover before carrying on with my day.
  • Medication isn't always the answer. 
    Like anything, just because it works for one person, doesn't mean that it will work for another.
  • BUT, if medication helps you, there is nothing wrong with that.
    If medication seems like the only option that will truly help you in the long run then there is no point not taking it because it can make a big, positive change to your life.
  • Who your real friends are.
    Although I never lost any friends because of my anxiety, some of the relationships were damaged because they didn't understand and didn't seem to get that I tried so hard to get our of bed each day to face the day (especially school) and they would get annoyed with me about not wanting to meet up with them at the weekend/after school and go out.
  • To appreciate life
    Learning how to deal with anxiety really made me appreciate life and the small things and although I still have problems (like everyone else), I know that it could be worse.
  • There will always be someone willing to help. 
    People do care, even if they don't show it all the time and they will want to help you.
  • There is no permanent cure. There is nothing that will permanently cure you but there are ways to deal with it and they aren't easy to start with but it does get easier.

  • Life goes on. 
    Life does go on and it isn't something that can be helped. If you have anxiety then it's just another obstacle in life to go through and deal with and you may come across the same anxiety obstacle more than a few times throughout your life, there is always away through it.

    Speak soon,

    Kea xoxo
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