Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Words and Gestures

The things that people say can be so meaningless but it's the actions that they take that are the most meaningful. Meaningful gestures can be subtle and hard to notice or they can be so obvious that the whole world can see but they can also be so obvious but the person that that they want to notice the gestures are the ones that are oblivious and have no idea, for various reasons.

Some of the most meaningful things are subtle and can only be noticed if the person really tries to pick apart the gesture or the words that someone says. Words can be lies or the complete truth and only the person that speaks them really knows whether they are truthful or not which is kind of terrifying because people can say a lot of things which may not be true, words are very powerful, sometimes more powerful than anything.

Words are very powerful and not everyone realises, they have the power to make you fall in love or in hate, they have the power to drive/encourage someone to do/not do something. Words can cause situations that are awkward, unnecessary and sometimes scary. Words, or even the fear of words can hurt more than anything in the world because when someone looks directly into your eyes and says something hurtful, it makes you think about it, especially when it's someone that you care about that is saying it.

Written messages/online messages/texts are also very powerful because the person reading the hurtful message doesn't read it in the voice of the person that sent it but in their own voice which hurts a lot because hearing those words echo around your brain can be terrifying.

Thank you for reading,
I don't really know what this was all about but I sat down to write a post and this was what came out so I hope that you liked it.

Speak soon,
Kea xoxo 

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