Friday, 28 August 2015

Homeware Haul-August

Hello everyone!

Today I have a homeware haul for you, I've recently had my room redecorated and with that, I brought a lot of things to put in it. There are a lot of candles and cute things. I always try to make sure that things in my room match because it makes me feel really happy. I hope you enjoy the post!

I brought the Yankee Candle Midsummers Night (Medium) I bought this from eBay for £12.49. I really like the scent of this because it reminds me of being out at night when it is warm. I just really like it and it makes me feel really relaxed.

 I bought these rose shaped fairy lights to go around my bed because they were a little bit different and they really added to my room, plus they make me feel really cosy when I'm watching Netflix in bed. These were from eBay and they were £2.59 for 20 LED rose fairy lights.

 Fresh Cut Roses is one of my favourite Yankee Candles and it matches the colour of my room as well! I bought the large jar because I really like the scent and I think that the large jars look the best for some reason. This was £14.99 from eBay.

There are two candles in this picture that I want to talk about the first one (to the left) is the apple and raspberry candle from Aldi, I saw this and I was really intrigued because I had never known Aldi to do candles but I wanted to try it. It smells really sweet but I really like it. It was £2.49 (I think.) 

The second is Beach Holiday by Yankee Candle in a small jar. I really like this because it smells really fresh and I like fresh scents. It was £5.50 from eBay (including postage.) 

 I actually got two of these photo frames. They hold 12 6x4/4x6 photographs and I thought that they would look really nice dotted around my bedroom (I plan to get 2 more). These were £11.99 each from eBay.

 This glass container (?) I got from a car boot sale for 50p and I thought that it would be really useful and when I saw it, I immediately fell in love and knew that I wanted to put my tealights in it and place them on top of my drawers.

 This basket was from Dunelm. I really liked the floral material on the inside and tied around the front. It came in handy for all those bits and pieces that I need but don't want to be seen. This was in the sale for £2.49 when I got it.

 This quote plaque was from eBay and I really liked it because I love this quote, it reminds me to be positive. This was from eBay and it cost £3.99.

 I got this dreamcatcher because my one from when I was a child has seen better days (I will still keep it though.) I got this from Amazon World in the gift shop. It cost £2.99.

 I got this rose scented diffuser from Dunelm. It was 99p which I thought was a bargain! I did notice that it doesn't make the whole room smell of roses, only part of it and the liquid inside is disappearing very quickly but other than that I really like it.

 I love this tin quote so much! It is definitely one of my favourite things that I got. It was from eBay and it was £4.99.

 These curtains match my bedding! These were also from eBay and they cost £28.79 which is quite reasonable. I really like them. (Also, the net curtains were new as well but my Mum got them from littlewoods.)

 I got this tart burner (I don't know what they are "officially" called. I got this from the Old Smithy shop in Godshill which is a village where I live. It was £2.99.

 I also got this from The Old Smithy shop. I love this so much and it was only £2.99 as well! It is so cute and I really like the grey (not usually a colour that I go for) and I like the quote so much because I enjoy wasting a lot of time.

 Salted Caramel Yankee Candle, what can I say? I love it so much. It makes me feel warm and cosy. This was £14.99 from eBay.

 Clean Cotton Yankee Candle is one of my favourites so I couldn't resist and I really love the design of these ones because they look quite modern. This was £9.49, also from eBay.

 My light shade (is that what it is called?) was from Grattan. It is the Hindley Cream Pendant. It was £30.

 And last but not least! My duvet set! It is from the same brand as the curtains and they are exactly the same (I love matching things.) This was £11.69 from eBay.

Thank you so much for reading! 

Speak Soon, 

Kea xoxo

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