Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Live Below the Line- £5 for 5 Days

Hello everyone!

This is the long post that I have been talking about, I have been planning this for around a month now and I decided to do it starting today, Tuesday 4th August 2015. For 5 days. This is to raise awareness and to buy items for people who live in poverty and have a lot less than I do. Living on small amounts is very close to home so I think I will be okay during these 5 days.
I am going to have £5 to spend on food and with sponsors that I have got from friends and family, I have brought a lot of food to donate to the food bank and local homeless shelters. I will be writing daily including pictures of what I eat, I'm not sure if I will be posting daily or one big post.

So, yesterday, I had my Tesco shopping order delivered. I am going to tell you what I brought and how much it cost. I don't eat breakfast so I haven't brought anything to have for a breakfast, also, I have unlimited tap water.

For me, £5 for 5 days
Penne Pasta 30p
Spaghetti 20p
Sausages 66p
Sweetcorn 35p
Meatballs in tomato sauce 68p
Crisps 66p
X2 Baked beans 48p (for both)
Chocolate caramel wafers 40p
Pasta Sauce 45p
Tinned potatoes 20p
Gravy granules 20p
Chocolate and Vanilla Swiss Roll 25p
Custard 17p
= £5 

For donations
20 Sanitary towels (10 pack) 15p each - £3.00
11 Pantyliners (30 pack) 22p each - £2.42
6 300ml Shower Gel 40p each - £2.40
17 Bars of Soap 15p each - £2.53
8 Tubes Toothpaste 25p each - £2.00 (I originally was going to buy the everyday value one but it was substituted for Maclean's and it was still only 25p so I got a better quality toothpaste for the same price as the value one)
22 2 Pack Toothbrushes 18p each - £3.96
5 Packs 40 Tea Bags 20p each - £1.00
3 Orange Squash 42p each - £1.26
2 Blackcurrent Squash 42p each - 84p
3 Lemonade 17p each - 51p
3 Cola 17p each - 51p
3 Strawberry Jam 29p each - 87p
25 Spaghetti 20p each - £5.00
5 Penne Pasta 30p each - £1.50
6 Sweet and Sour Sauce 30p each - £1.80
4 Curry Sauce 25p each - £1.00
2 Pasta Sauce 45p each - 90p (This was another substituted item so higher quality for a lower price)
5 Tinned Potatoes 20p each - £1.00
7 Tinned Peas 21p each - £1.47
4 Tinned Carrots 19p each - 76p
2 Tinned Spaghetti Bolognese 25p each - 50p
10 Spaghetti Hoops 20p each - £2.00
2 Chicken and Vegetable Soup 30p each - 60p
6 Tomato Soup 25p each - £1.50
3 Tinned Beans and Sausages 39p each - £1.17
4 Baked Beans 24p each - 96p

So that is everything that I brought on the Tesco Delivery Shopping thing (apart from a Starbucks Cookies and Cream Frappuccino.)
This was when it arrived...
When I sorted it out...        

And when I put it away.    

So, thank you so much for reading the first post of 5 days... I'm looking forward to doing this but specifically for when I take the donations round. I know that it will be hard but I'm ready! 

Thank you so much for reading. 

Speak soon, 
Kea x

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