Sunday, 23 August 2015

Live below the line update

Hello everyone!

I didn't end up doing the daily posts about my £5 for 5 days because I realised that everything I was eating was very similar, pasta with something every night and I thought that it may have been boring.

I did however, learn some things/was reminded of some things throughout the 5 days.
I realised that just because something (food) is cheaper doesn't always mean that it is worse, although, in some cases, that is very true.
People have to live on this food for long periods of time and I felt really fatigued (more so than usual) throughout the 5 days so I can only imagine how they feel on a daily basis.
I do sometimes take the nice food that we have for granted and I am lucky now that I can afford decent food.

Thank you for supporting me throughout my £5 for 5 days and I managed to give some food to people in my community who needed immediate help with food and saw how pleased they were.

Thank you for reading, speak soon!
Kea x
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