Saturday, 5 September 2015

The shopaholic tag

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to do the shopaholic tag because as you can probably tell, I really like shopping.

Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?

In some ways yes, for one, I wouldn't be doing this tag if I didn't think that I was a shopaholic. I like to shop but I don't (always) depend on it.

How would you classify your style?

I honestly don't know how to answer this because I dress however I want that day and my wardrobe has items from varied styles.

What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing?

Any shop. Any shop with a sale specifically clothing stores especially primark (but we don't have one on the island that I live on) and any drugstores, I always see things that I want to try when I go in.

Where do you find the best deals?

I always shop in sales and if I'm shopping online then I will always look for a discount code and free postage code, I try to avoid buying things at full price.

What designer see you willing to splurge for? 

Most of them, if there is something that I really like then I will save up until I can afford to get it.

Do you have a go to shopping outfit?

Something comfortable that I know I will be happy to be in for hours and shoes that are comfortable and don't hurt my feet because I'm going to be walking around a lot (I tend to go back and fourth between shops), I also like to wear something that isn't too heavy and on my arms so that I can load my shopping bags on my arms (unless I'm with Sunniva, then she usually ends up carrying them for me to stop me moaning, thank you Sunniva!) 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Clothes, make up, anything that smells nice, shoes and homeware items. Oooh, and bags!

What is one staple clothing item you cannot live without?

Baggy/cropped jumpers, high waisted jeans and heeled boots!

What is a trend that you hope never goes out of fashion?

Baggy jumpers and heeled boots.

What trend did you love that passed way too quickly?

I have no idea because if I like something then I will continue to wear it if it looks nice.

Who is your fashion icon?

I don't really have one, I just see things that I like and buy them! 

Thank you so much for reading, 

Speak soon!

Kea xx

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