Saturday, 14 November 2015

Autumn/Winter Lookbook! | Kea & Chloe

Hello Everyone!

Today I have an Autumn Winter Lookbook for you! I'm so excited to share this with you as it was so much fun to create. Chloe is modelling the outfits that I have chosen for her. (Thank you Chloe!)
I put together some outfits and we got up really early and took a lot of pictures (someone wasn't very professional and kept getting distracted!) It was so much fun to take some lovely pictures whilst giving Chloe a HUGE ego boost which she very much deserved as she looks so good in the outfits.
I will try to tell you where each item of clothing is from and if it is still available, I will link it below!

Grey top- H&M
Grey checked shirt- New Look
Black jeggings- New Look
Boots- H&M

Jumper- New Look
Jeggings (same as previous)- New Look
Chelsea boots- H&M
Clutch- New Look

Grey 'eyelash' jumper- H&M
Black Jeggings- New Look
Cat- Mine.

Collared Top- Matalan
Jeggings- New Look
Chelsea Boots- H&M

Collared top- Matalan
Skater Skirt- H&M
Tights- New Look
Chelsea Boots- H&M

White roll neck top- Primark
Skater Skirt- H&M
Tights- New Look
Boots- H&M

Leather Jumper- Topshop 
Grid Trousers- Matalan
Chelsea Boots- H&M

Black t-shirt- Levis
Grid  trousers- Matalan
Chelsea Boots- H&M

Jumper- Matalan 
Leather panel trousers- H&M 
Boots- eBay

Boots- eBay,

This outfit is one of my favourites!

Leather Jacket-
Floral top- New Look
Leather panel trousers- H&M
White (converse style) shoes- Primark

Leather Trousers- H&M
Chelsea Boots- H&M
Camel Jumper- New Look
Leather Jacket-
Clutch bag- New Look

Thank you so much for reading! Thank you Chloe for helping me, you looked lovely!
Kea xxx

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Here are the links to the clothes and shoes and bags featured, if I couldn't find them, I tried to find an alternative but some of them I couldn't find because they were brought a while ago or just not in stock and others there were no similar ones that I could find, sorry!
Black Chelsea Boots-$ja=tsid:77520|cid:294787745|agid:20988283265|tid:kwd-169299709025|crid:85426776305|nw:g|rnd:4279161449270882731|dvc:c|adp:1o4&gclid=CjwKEAiA1JuyBRCogJLz4J71kj0SJADsd6QRWtPl6GW1G9g5SwjDyo5C8jdjHNguSc-g73iZaKs0OhoCGjvw_wcB
Brown Heeled Boots-
Black Jeggings-
Grey Checked Top-
Roll Neck White Top-
Grey T-shirt
Camel jumper
Camel and Black Clutch
Skater Skirt
Navy Jumper
Similar to the black trousers with leather panels
Leather Trousers
Converse style shoes
Leather Jacket

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