Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Save on make up wishlist- November 2015!

Hello everyone!

So I came across a website when doing some Christmas shopping (okay, I was looking at make up for me) and I thought that it was really interesting because they had high end and drugstore make up at discounted prices which is always a good thing to see! I thought that I would put together a small wishlist, 56 products later I decided to downsize my wishlist to 36 items which was so hard! I tried to pick high end and drugstore, high prices and low prices to give you all an idea of what the website is like but I would like you to know that I genuinely would want all of these products (if money wasn't a problem.)
Also, I won't comment on all of the products, just some. The original prices (RRP) are on the pictures as well as the price that Save on make up sells them for.

I love the idea of a lucky dip selection and at £2.99 you cannot go wrong!
I have always wanted to try one of these!

I love the discount on this! Also, I know I'm only 16 but I want to start   anti-aging processes now because then wrinkles might not be as bad... I don't know.

Save on make up links-

Thank you so much for reading!

 Speak soon, 

Kea x

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