Friday, 26 February 2016

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Hello Everyone!

So Envy Professional were kind enough to send me The Envy Blowdry Set for me to test out and review. I received this on the 2nd February and have been using it regularly since the day that it arrived!

The set is £40.00 (I have a discount code for you all below) and you get the Envy Dual Fix 12 which is a salon treatment to repair all hair types. It contains silk proteins and keratin amino acids to target damaged hair and attract moisture. 
You also get the Gentle Cleansing Shampoo which is paraben-free. It is also infused with silk proteins and keratin amino for strength. The shampoo leaves a lightweight clean base to improve performance of conditioner. 
And, last but not least, the Gentle Detangling Conditioner, it contains silk proteins and keratin amino like the other two products. It is a lightweight conditioner with detangling power which leaves hair soft, shiny and reduces frizz. 

About Envy Professional 

Envy Professional is owned by hairdressers not corporations. They believe that one product can be used for all hair types and they have tested this and so far, it seems to work perfectly! 

The Steps! 

1. Apply the Dual Fix 12 generously and evenly from roots to ends on dry hair. Rough dry with a hairdryer and completely dry and then rinse... 
2. Shampoo twice as normal...
3. Then condition! 


I have been using this set for 24 days. I was my hair everyday. My hair gets greasy easily and is quite thin and usually flat. I use the Dual Fix 12 every other week (recommended every month) but because I wanted to get this post up, I had to fast forward as I wanted it to be a genuine review! 
I love all of the products. I found that the Shampoo made my hair quite knotty once I had rinsed it out but that is because of my hair and as soon as I used the conditioner, it was all gone! 
I love the set! It really suits my hair type and everyone else's apparently! 
I've been using it for 24 days and everyday without fail and I still have quite a lot left. 
I love the products so much and couldn't recommend them enough. I have definitely changed my haircare routine. My hair feels better than it has in a long time. It's less frizzy (although it didn't get too frizzy), it is so shiny and doesn't feel like it's weighing me down, I find that some shampoo and conditioners feel so heavy. I love the shine that this routine leaves and my hair feels so soft!

Use the code BLOG40 to get 40% off RRP on ANY products until the end of March 2016! 

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