Thursday, 17 March 2016

17 things I want to achieve whilst I'm 17 | Kea Eloise Angel


On the 21st February, I turned 17 so I thought it would be a nice post to be able to look back on when I turn 18 and see if I did achieve it. Anyway, as you can tell by the title, I'm doing a post talking about 17 things that I want to achieve whilst I'm 17.

1. Pass my driving test
2. Buy my first car
3. Begin saving for a deposit for a mortgage
4. Take the next steps for my career
5. Invest more time and effort into this blog
6. Gain readers and followers on this blog that genuinely enjoy my posts
7. Continue to enjoy writing blog posts
8. Be happy within myself
9. Do things for myself instead of trying to please other people all the time
10. Do something other than work and sleep
12. Say yes to more things!
13. Try new things and find hobbies
14. Go out more
15. Manage my anxiety better
16. Focus on my own happiness
17. Learn to relax

Thank you for reading!

Speak soon,
Kea xoxo

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