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Favourite Yankee Candles | Updated | Kea Eloise Angel

Hello Everyone!

Around a year ago, when I first started this blog, I wrote a post called "Top 10 Yankee Candles" and I feel like it needs to be updated as I have found new favourites, some are still the same but not all of them! I hope you enjoy!

I don't currently have all of the candles that are in my favourites because I have used them all up or I haven't got around to repurchasing them.

Angel's Wings

I love this one, it reminds me of Christmas (I always burn it around Christmas to keep that warm Christmassy feeling).

Salted Caramel

This is a very sweet (slightly salty but not too much!) scented candle and it's nice to burn when it's cold outside and you want to feel cosy (although, it always makes me crave salted caramel ice cream.)

Candy Cane Lane

This is a lovely candle, although it's Christmas themed, I think that it can be burned all year round, it smells really minty and fresh.

Fresh Cut Roses

This is a very summery scent! It smells exactly like roses and not at all like that fake rose smell. It is also pink so it fits in with my room really well!

Clean Cotton

I'm everyone likes this because it's just smells so fresh and clean, there is literally no other way to describe it!

Fireside Treats

This one reminds me of being by the fire in Autumn. It smells like marshmallows and the smell is really comforting.

Orange Splash

I love the smell of oranges and the scent of this one stays in the room for ages after it's been blown out.

Bahama Breeze

I love this. The smell reminds me of cocktails and the beach and warm summers. It's a really cooling scent.

Shea Butter

This one smells really creamy and smooth. It's really comforting.

Sparkling Snow

This is another really wintery scent. It's crisp and fresh. It reminds me of snow when it's on trees. You know the smell I mean?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Speak Soon,
Kea xoxo

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