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Living on the Isle of Wight | Kea Eloise Angel

As some of you may know, I live on the Isle of Wight which is a little island in the south east of England. You can get to it by getting a ferry. It is a very isolated place but it is beautiful yet boring. 
There isn't a lot to do here nor is there a lot of opportunities, however, there are always local events and ways to get around the lack of opportunities. 

I like living here because it's peaceful and not too busy but sometimes, it can get really boring. 

We call it "the Island"

I am constantly asked by people who don't live here, "what's the population?" 
Although, after a quick Google, the population (2010) was 140,500. 

I also found out some other interesting facts about the people living here. 

Around 1 in 6 households are occupied by a single person over the age of 65. 

It has the 9th highest divorce rate in the UK (9.1% of residents age 16 and over.) 

The Island has a greater number of people age 65+ and fewer younger people than both the South East region and England and Wales. 

Around 180 (0.2%) people were in a registered same sex civil partnership.

So, lets talk about what there is to do here. The Island has a lot to offer if you're coming down for the weekend or even a week but when you live here and are trying to find something to do, not so fun.

The closest shops to me are in Newport, I would say that Newport is the main place for shopping.
We don't have many shops, we do however have...

  • Matalan 
  • M&S 
  • TK Maxx 
  • Sports Direct
  • JD Sports 
  • Superdrug 
  • Boots 
  • BonMarche 
  • Claire's 
  • Mountain Warehouse 
  • Laura Ashley 
  • H&M
  • New Look
  • Next 
  • BHS
  • Topshop
  • Pandora 
  • Various pound shops 
  • The Body Shop
  • Peacocks
I think that's pretty much all of them, I may have forgotten a few. The shops are also small compared to their branches in other places.

That's why when we go to Southampton or Portsmouth to go shopping, we get so excited over PRIMARK! Primark is a luxury for us along with other shops like Lush, River Island, Urban Outfitters.

There is also other luxuries that we don't have on the Island.

  • Asda 
  • No department stores (Debenhams, House of Fraser) 
  • No high end make up shops (MAC, SpaceNK) 
  • Nandos (seriously, we don't get the whole Nandos thing) 
We are really limited on where we can eat and which takeaways we can get. 

We have Dominos, Pizza Hut (Don't deliver), local takeaway shops, hong kong express and a few more small ones for take away options. 
For eating out- McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, local pubs and restaurants.

The island really misses out on Wagamamas, GBK, Nandos, Burger King. See, I can't even think of many! 

But, the Isle of Wight isn't all bad, it's isolated but that's why people like it, I think, because it's got a sense of security. It's quiet and peaceful. There are some really nice things to do here...

  • Chocolate Island 
  • Blackgang Chine 
  • Robin Hill
  • Amazon World 
  • Sandown Zoo
  • Beaches 
  • Local Events
  • Coastal Walks 
The Island is a lovely community, I see the Island as going back in time and seeing what it was like. Living on the Isle of Wight, you see the same people all the time because of the small population and everyone seems to know everyone. On the Isle of Wight, when you are out and about people will always stop and talk to you which may seem weird to someone from a big city on the mainland because if someone did that where they live it would be weird but here it is normal. The views here are so lovely and no matter how busy it gets in the summer, you can always find an isolated place. It is a very calm place, a slower pace than the rest of England but that's what makes it such a nice place.

Chocolate Island

So, I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the place that I live!

Speak soon,

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