Thursday, 2 June 2016

May Favourites | Kea Angel


There has been so much that I've been loving this month so it has been hard to narrow it down to these. I feel like May has felt really quite summery and that always seems to make me enjoy products, the same way that winter/christmas makes me really enjoy products too.

My first favourite is Jamie's Italian! I went here for the first time on Saturday and I looovvveee it!

I have been loving this throughout May, the coverage is really good and it doesn't go flaky and orange throughout the day. I have a love/hate relationship with concealer and I struggle to find ones that I actually like but this one has definitely got me loving it!

I love this because it isn't a coloured one, it's transparent and that is my favourite kind of powder! I have been using this all month and am obsessed with it! It is very lightweight and very mattifying so it's amazing if you have oily skin!

My favourite foundation!

This scent is so summery, it reminds me of the beaches and cocktails. It has hints of coconut and the scent lasts all day which is good.

This is my favourite hand cream ever and I've started using it again this month. 

I hope you enjoyed, thank you for reading! 

Speak soon, 

Kea xox

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